Exploring Mrs Macquarie’s Point

Exploring Mrs Macquarie’s Point

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/24/2018

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Mrs Macquarie’s Point has one of the best views of Sydney Harbour, where you can take in the stunning landmarks.

We all know Sydney boasts one of the most iconic skylines in the world. The city has legendary Australian landmarks including the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

One of the most incredible vantage points from which to view these attractions is Mrs Macquarie’s Point. Connected to the lush expanse of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Mrs Macquarie’s Point perches over the top of the city’s highlights.

How can I get to Mrs Macquarie’s Point?

Mrs Macquarie’s Point remains one of the most loved and visited attractions in the city! It is easy to understand why when you visit the location and soak up the incredible views from here.

Getting to Mrs Macquarie’s Point is thankfully easy. There are trains and ferries from Circular Quay in the harbour that can take you to the Point. If you decide to get the bus, disembark at the Art Gallery which is just a 15 minute walk away.

Alternatively, you can walk to the vantage point and soak up the beautiful scenery as you go. The walk is around 20 minutes from Circular Quay, taking you past the Opera House, the Royal Botanic Gardens, and other landmarks.

If you’re looking to drive, there is parking along the road that connects the Art Gallery to Mrs Macquarie’s Point.

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

The region is also home to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. Otherwise known as Lady Macquarie’s Chair, the bench is in honour of Governor Macquarie’s wife, Elizabeth. In 1810, a group of convicts carved the rock into a bench. Today, it provides a resting spot for visitors to marvel at Sydney’s major landmarks.

Legend have it that Elizabeth would sit on the rock (now bench) and watch the ships come into the harbour in the early 1800s. These ships she would watch had usually been travelling from Great Britain.

Above the bench, there is an inscription dedicated to Mrs Macquarie’s Road. This was built between 1813 and 1818 and joined together Government House and Mrs Macquarie’s Point. The road was Governor Macquarie’s idea to benefit his wife, though the passageway no longer remains.

See the spectacular views from Mrs Macquarie’s Point

The area is buzzing during summer, where visitors and locals come here to soak up the sun and enjoy the views. Aside from looking out over the city, there is plenty to do in the area, such as the annual Open Air Cinema during summer. This gives you the chance to watch some amazing films against Sydney’s memorable skyline.

What to see nearby Mrs Macquarie’s Point

  • Royal Botanic Garden

As you make your way to reach Mrs Macquarie’s Point, may as well stop and explore the Royal Botanic Garden! Be one of the millions of people who visit the Garden, which is Australia’s oldest living scientific institutions!

The Royal Botanic Garden holds over 27,000 plants, with many unique individual gardens, four districts, and guided walks to see as many plants as possible! You can spend around an hour or two exploring the Garden, grabbing a bite to eat, and checking out the Garden Shop.

  • Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is without a doubt is Sydney’s most popular attraction and one of the world’s most famous buildings. The Opera House is a performing arts centre that holds over 40 shows a week – theater, concerts, and comedy shows to name a few.

You can see the Opera House from Mrs Macquarie’s Point, and you can also walk right up to the venue and snap a photo of yourself in front of the Opera House!

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge

Right next to the Opera House sits the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the largest steel arch bridge in the world! The bridge is used to connect the CBD to the North Shore, and you can cross it by a car, train, bike, or by walking.

If you’re not scared of heights, you can climb the Harbour Bridge and take in the Sydney attractions from up above!

Mrs Macquarie’s Point is worth visiting any time of the year, but it’s always best at sunset. You’ll watch as the sun goes down behind the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, with a chance to have a colourful sky.

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