How Long Should You Stay in Sydney?

How Long Should You Stay in Sydney?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/05/2018

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Not sure how long is best? Follow our guide and find out the perfect amount of days you need in Sydney!

On every traveller’s bucket list is Australia’s spectacular city, Sydney. Famous for its beautiful harbourfront and pristine beaches, Sydney is an essential stop on your Australia adventure. But how long should you stay there for? First, let’s have a look at what there is to do!

  • Bondi Beach

    Wack on your sunnies, and slide into your thongs, to get ready for a day out on the beach. Venture to Bondi Beach, Australia’s most iconic beach, located right on Sydney’s doorstep. Surf the crashing waves or lie back and relax along the sprawling beach sand. If you prefer pools, Bondi’s popular pool sits right along the shore. Plunge into the refreshing waters and marvel at the stunning view of Sydney’s coastline.

  • Sydney Opera House

    A visit to the Sydney Opera House is a must while you are in Sydney. Australia’s most recognisable landmark, the white, sail-like roof plates match the boats spotted in the blue harbour alongside it. This masterpiece is a world heritage listed site and is one of the most unique and famed 20th-century buildings in the world. Amazing performances held within its doors, changing frequently from music, theatre or dance. Buy a ticket to marvel at the inside and to hear the famous acoustics.

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge

    Now you’ve seen the famous Sydney Opera House, swivel around and look over the water to see the famous Harbour Bridge. It is the largest steel arch bridge in the world, connecting the north side of Sydney to the city centre. Why not visit a few spots to see the bridge from different perspectives? Try out at Sydney Opera House, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, or even a harbour cruise.

  • Art Gallery of NSW and The Botanical Gardens

    Lovers of beauty, look no further, as Sydney is bursting with stunning creations. Visit the Art Gallery of NSW to discover stunning artworks from all over the world. Marvel at the natural wonder, and venture to the Royal Botanic Gardens. This haven away from the city’s racket is overflowing with flora and fauna, perfect for a relaxing end to a busy sightseeing day.

  • Restaurants and Bars

    Sydney is swarming with incredible nightlife, glamorous restaurants and bars aplenty to choose from. A diverse range of cuisines to choose from, Sydney is most famous for its seafood selection. Venture to Sydney’s food scene for a summer cocktail and a delicious seafood platter.

  • Day trips out of Sydney

    Once you’ve seen everything Sydney City has to offer, why not try out the countless day trips on offer. Sydney is a great home base for day trips or weekend getaways to outer areas. Attractions worth the visit include the spectacular Blue mountain range, the Hunter Valley wine region, as well as the stunning Port Stephens.

With all these amazing attractions laid out before you, it’s easier to work out your trip length. Narrow down which sights spring out at you and try to plan one day per activity, depending on how long it takes. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to discover, as you may find some hidden gems once you arrive.

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