How to Explore Hyde Park, Sydney

Hyde Park (named after its namesake in London) is a popular summertime hang out for both locals and tourists in Sydney City. In actual fact, the park is the city’s oldest, so it boasts a lengthy history as well as picturesque surroundings.

Park Street runs down the centre of Hyde Park, carving it up into northern and southern segments. To the south, the most popular attraction is the ANZAC memorial building and the visitor centre, as well as plenty of quirky monuments and statues to enjoy.

To the north, there are ornate fountains to discover and a selection of themed gardens filled with public art and pretty flower species.

As well as being the ideal spot for sunbathers to soak up the Australian sun on their lunch breaks, the park is a popular place for picnics, running, and simply taking a stroll away from the hustle and bustle of the urban city centre.

In addition, there are plenty of events that take place here throughout the year. Cultural events are the name of the game, with numerous festivals held in the peaceful grounds. If you visit at the right time, you might be able to catch the Sydney Festival, Australia Day celebrations, ANZAC Day festivities, or the Food and Wine Fair here.

Things to do in Hyde Park, Sydney

Take a Walk

The expansive park is home to more than 580 mature exotic and native trees, making it the perfect place for a sunny afternoon stroll. Keep your eyes peeled for pretty flowers, as well as some local critters that might show their faces from time to time.

Go Monument Hunting

In the north of the park, there are tonnes of monuments to discover, including the Archibald Fountain, which was a gift from JF Archibald to the city. It’s difficult to miss, boasting a giant water feature decorated with scenes from ancient mythology. You can also spot an impressive bronze Apollo, who is surrounded by the usual array of horses’ heads and dolphins.

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

As the oldest park in Sydney, it makes sense that Hyde Park has some history to offer its visitors. Head to the southern section, and you’ll find the ANZAC Memorial and the Pool of Reflection, as well as plenty of other historic offerings.

Themed Gardens

Back in the north, you can wander around pretty themed gardens like Sandringham and the Nagoya Gardens, which are decked out in public art, impressive monuments, and a smattering of peaceful water features.

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