Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

The dazzling Sydney city tour takes you around the glittering sights that make Sydney such an iconic destination. From standing in awe at the Opera House to soaking up the sun on Bondi Beach and even unravelling the history of Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, this is your chance to explore Sydney in all her glory.

Macquarie's Chair

A Truly Charming Spot

The charming spot popularly known as Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is perched in the blooming beauty of the Royal Botanic Gardens and offers sublime views out across the shimmering Sydney Harbour. The carved rock got its name as it was one of the favoured retreats of Mrs Macquarie, the wife of colonel Lachlan Macquarie. Lachlan Macquarie was the sixth governor of New South Wales and is regarded highly in history as being the real founder.

Admire the Splendour of the City

The historic chair was carved into the rock to provide a resting place for Mrs Macquarie who adored arriving by carriage to Yurong or Anson’s Point and wandering down to the headland and sitting quietly to gaze out over the splendour of the city. From this timeless chair you can cast your eye over the harbour bridge and the rising mountains in the distance. You can also admire Kirribilli House, Pinchgut Island and the Navy dockyards at Wooloomooloo.

Share the views

Every year tourists teem to this little spot clutching their camera in hand, not because of any historical significance but simply to share in the view that Mrs Macquarie loved so much. The vantage point makes for an excellent place to capture the sunsets melting over the harbour and provides a sense of calm in the chic and cosmopolitan city.

A Glimpse into Every Nook and Cranny

On the Sydney city our you can get up close and personal with some of the city’s most famous sights, you can touch the billowing white sail walls of the Opera House, meander through the bustling bright streets of Chinatown and feel the sand between your toes on the vibrant shores of Bondi beach. Mrs Macquarie’s chair allows you to sit back for a moment and soak it all in, to capture the sheer beauty of the city spread out before you and to reflect on your time in Sydney just like the governor’s wife. Those who want to point and shoot in style will adore this little nook and the truly spectacular views it boasts across the bay and beyond.

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