Sydney Tower View Sydney with a breathtaking perspective

The city of Sydney in eastern Australia is home to thriving streets, incredible food, fascinating historical buildings and districts, and above all else, Sydney’s skyline plays host to some of the world’s most iconic buildings. The most structurally significant of these buildings is the Sydney Tower.

Construction began in 1975, and the tower was publicly accessible by 1981, the Sydney Tower now stands proudly at the heart of the city’s CBD (Central Business District) and reaches 309m above the streets below. This magnificent building is Sydney’s Tallest structure and the tallest observation tower in the entire southern hemisphere. As you crane your neck to gaze up at this colossal structure you will be awed by its immense size, a sentiment to the human race’s ingenuity.

The first thing that is evident when you look at the Sydney Tower is how it emanates a sleek sense of class, especially at night as the tower is lit up by golden lights and it shines above the city like a beacon in the dark sky. A visit to the tower would be incomplete without taking a seat at the 360 bar and dining restaurant, this unique room slowly revolves, providing you with a panoramic view of the surrounding skyline. You’ll be given a spectacular vantage point from which you can see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the surrounding area know as The Rocks, which is Sydney’s oldest and most vibrant district.

The revolving restaurant is the perfect place to have events and has been the venue for many corporate occasions, social gatherings and even the most luxurious weddings. The breathtaking view of the city from above mingled with the classy atmosphere and the delicious food served ensures that any event that takes place here will be an unforgettable one. Though the restaurant does provide you with an incredible view, nothing beats the Sydney Tower eye, the highest point on the tower accessible by people this incredible observation deck will have you feeling exhilarated as you stand in the fresh air and peer over the edge from this dizzying height. You will be able to book a guided tour along the skywalk, where the glass walkways will give you a clear view of the bustling streets beneath you and your guide will discuss several interesting facts about the city around you as you walk around the tower’s central golden turret.

A visit to the Sydney Tower is the perfect way to get in touch with the city around you as it allows you to explore these fantastic streets from a bird’s eye view.

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