The 6 Best Things to Do in Sydney

Sydney City boasts a lively collection of beautiful beaches, world-famous landmarks, and a rich cultural scene that’s well-known around the globe. Not only can you duck and dive into delicious international restaurants and enjoy buzzing festivals, but you can learn about the fascinating history of the city and explore impressive buildings as you go.

Here are some of the best things to do in Sydney to get you started

1.Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo is one of the city’s best-loved attractions, bringing visitors the chance to see more than 2,900 exotic animals. You’ll find native Australian species as well as exotic animals like gorillas, leopards, giraffes, and tigers. Just a short ride from Circular Quay, it makes a great day trip.

2.Sydney Opera House

The Opera House is Sydney’s most iconic landmark, perching surreally on the edge of Sydney Harbour. You can take a stroll around Circular Quay to experience the impressive building from multiple perspectives, and you can head inside to take a tour of one of the world’s busiest music, arts, and performance venues.

3.Sydney Harbour Bridge

Next to the Sydney Opera House, you’ll find the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can choose to admire it from ground level or, for the more adventurous traveler, there’s the chance to climb the iconic bridge. The tour will take you high up the structure and you’ll be exposed to incredible views of the city when you get to the top.

4.Sydney Harbour

Sydney’s Harbour forms a bustling hangout in the city, bringing visitors a mesmerizing mix of sea views, impressive landmarks, and a selection of cultural attractions. Take a walk around the Harbour, or hop on a boat and take a cruise around it to see the city from a different perspective.

5.Sydney’s Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens are a beautiful place to escape the busy crowds of the city centre. Here, you can enter a world of colourful flowers and delicious scents as you walk around numerous pathways and learn more about the scientific research being carried out.

6.The Blue Mountains

If you want to completely escape city life for a day or two, hotfoot it to the Blue Mountains, the most magical natural wonder just outside of Sydney. Here, you can admire stunning views across velvet peaks and explore lowland valleys filled with ancient plant life and native animal species. Set just a few hours from Sydney, it makes for the perfect day trip, where you can walk, hike, and enjoy the Scenic rides that are located above the Jamison Valley.

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