The Marvellous Views from Mrs Macquarie’s Point

Sydney city is full of incredible, iconic landmarks, and you can peer out over most of them from Mrs Macquarie’s Point. Joined to the Royal Botanic Gardens, but officially making up part of the Domain, Mrs Macquarie’s Point marks the furthest north-eastern tip of Farm Cove and looks out over some of Sydney’s stunning highlights, including the Sydney Opera House.

At the Point, you’ll also find Mrs Macquarie’s Chair (also dubbed Lady Macquarie’s Chair), a sandstone rock that has been excellently carved into the shape of a bench. It dates back to 1810, when a group of convicts hand carved it into the landscape that overlooks Sydney Harbour in honour of Governor Macquarie’s wife, Elizabeth.

Macquarie was the governor of New South Wales from 1810 to 1821, and legend has it that his wife used to sit on the rock the bench is now carved out of and watch for ships that were sailing into the harbour from Great Britain.

Right above the sandstone seat there is an inscription dedicated to Mrs Macquarie’s Road which was built over five years between 1813 and 1818 and joined together Government House and Mrs Macquarie’s Point. The road was Governor Macquarie’s idea to benefit his wife, though the passageway no longer remains.

During the summer months, the area becomes a popular hangout for both visitors and locals. Not only can you gaze out at the city’s iconic skyline from the Point, but the annual OpenAir Cinema takes place there every year, giving you the chance to watch classic films against a stunning backdrop of sprawling views. It is also the location of some of Sydney’s NYE fireworks.

Getting to Mrs Macquarie’s Point

Mrs Macquarie’s Point remains one of the best-loved and most visited attractions in the city, and it’s really easy to get to if you want to soak up the incredible views from its excellent vantage point.

You can hop on the Sydney Explorer route and get off at stop number five, or you can get the train or ferry from Circular Quay down in the harbour. If you’re planning on getting the bus, you can get off at the Art Gallery which is a short 15-minute walk away from the Point.

If you want to walk up there and marvel at the scenery on foot, you can take a stroll from Circular Quay right up to the chair in an easy 20-minute walk. The route takes you past the Royal Opera House and other highlights, including a trail that weaves through the Royal Botanic Gardens. If you’re driving, you can park along the road past the Art Gallery.

Explore the Mrs Macquarie’s Point on our Sydney City Tour.

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