Vivid Sydney 2019

Vivid Sydney 2019

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/11/2019

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Find out why Vivid Sydney is one of Sydney’s greatest festivals to see!

Vivid Sydney

Head to Sydney for a three-week period to witness the blending of art and technology, a meeting place for ideas and the largest festival of light illumination in the southern hemisphere. From the 24th of May to the 15th of June meet innovators who use cutting edge technology to amp up their businesses and art in a futuristic setting.

You’ll see a showcase of local talent and musical geniuses who have travelled across the world to perform, as well as the illumination of attractions such as the Sydney Harbour, Taronga Zoo and Luna Park. There are nine precincts to explore filled with installations, some hidden and some huge waiting to be explored. The best way to visit is by public transport and on the foot, however you can also sit back and eat at the many alfresco dining options watching the light shifts from 6pm to 11pm each night.

  • Light

    • Pixar: 30 Years of Art and Animation

      Pixar Animations return to Vivid Sydney this year and they’ve brought some of their most iconic characters with them. Specifically designed for the event, you’ll get a sneak peek of images from Toy Story 4 opening on June 20th, 2019. Explore just how Pixar brings their animations to life starting from sketches, watercolours and paintings to the final product of the film frames.

    • Spirit of Fun

      Luna Park has long been a major attraction of Sydney, so in this interactive light installation by Electric Canvas, see the theme park brought to life. The vibrant light display brings an even more magical quality to the park that the kids of all ages are sure to love.

  • Music

    • FKA twigs

      For one night only on the 9th of June, songwriter/dancer/director FKA twigs performs at Vivid bringing her eclectic genre mash up of RnB, Punk and electric dance music with her. Hear her perform songs from her debut album LPI that is critically acclaimed worldwide.

    • Purple Rain

      During the week of the Prince’s birthday, fans of his will unite on the 5th of June at the Soda Capacity to hear 16 performers; DJ’s, acoustic performances and more paying homage to the funky soul pop icon that was Prince, as well as crooning the classics we all know and love. Expect a set from Kristian Attard & Friends singing back to back hits of Prince.

  • Ideas

    • How Millennials are destroying and saving us

      Featuring five keynote speakers across all walks of life, join them for an inspiring and in depth discussion on how millennials will influence consumer culture as well as manage a world in which climate change is a major issue on the forefront.

    • New Horizons: The Darkest Web

      Lawyer and author Eileen Ormsby’s first book Silk Road explored the dangerous beginnings of the dark web from its early beginnings in the black market drug trade to its more sinister uses now. Journey along with her as she discusses her experiences involved in the dark web, as well as how police and the FBI are doing their best to combat the criminal underground activities of the internet.

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