What is there to do in Port Stephens for kids?

What is there to do in Port Stephens for kids?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/29/2021

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Port Stephens is one of New South Wales’ favourite destinations, being a cruisy drive from Sydney and an even cruisier drive from Newcastle. What’s more, it’s one of Australia’s most family-friendly towns, with absolutely heaps of amazing experiences for mums, dads and the little ones to enjoy!

Port Stephens Whales

Whether you’re spotting dolphins, snorkelling in the marine park or hiking up for some incredible views along the coastline, Port Stephens always promises a memorable adventure for the whole family, and here is why…

It’s a marine wonderland

Port Stephens is one of the best places in Australia to catch awesome glimpses of some of our most famous marine residents! The waters surrounding this charming town are inhabited by a happy colony of around 150 bottlenose dolphins who love nothing more than frolicking around the ocean.

Families can go dolphin spotting from land, boat and even boom netting activities (for the more adventurous families!).

You can also spot whales

If you and the kids head to Port Stephens in months between June and October you are likely to see more than just the cheeky bottlenoses swimming around, as this is the time of year when thousands of migrating humpback and minke whales make their way to the warmer waters up north!

This is one of nature’s truly marvellous spectacles and one of the things that, if you are there at the right time, should never be passed up in Port Stephens.

Give snorkelling a go!

Did we mention that Port Stephens is a marine paradise? Naturally, with so many wonderful species of fish and other marine animals inhabiting the ocean, it makes for the perfect place to start a new favourite hobby: snorkelling!

There are plenty of vibrant fish species as well as coral and nudibranchs to spot at Fly Point, and this area is great as it’s an awesome and safe spot to give snorkelling a first ever crack!

Take the kids up to Gan Gan Lookout

The sunsets from Gan Gan Lookout easily rank up there with the best in Australia, east or west coast. Just a cheeky hike up to the top and you will be in for a natural spectacle that is sure to wow you and the little ones, making it the perfect way to top off a family-friendly getaway in this most loveable part of Australia!

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