What to do at Paddington

What to do at Paddington

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/19/2019

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Explore Paddington and discover the endless attractions and activities hidden within!

Paddington is known as one of Sydney’s trendiest suburbs, a cluster of tree-lined streets and Victorian terraced buildings. With Hip shops and restaurants, to stylish greenery and parks, regardless of whether you are looking for an upbeat adventure or a relaxing afternoon, Paddington has you covered. A day spent here is a day spent immersed in beautiful Sydney life, with locals opening their arms to showcase their style and laid-back attitude.

  • Soak up the Art

    The suburb is renowned for its creativity, so it’s to be expected to be jam-packed with a number of galleries. It is known as a contemporary art precinct, with figurative sculptures, abstract paintings, and world-renowned music photography. Get inspired as you marvel at each artwork hidden within this glorious cultural hub, seeing both local and international artists showcasing their work.

  • Grab a Coffee

    The corners of Paddington’s streets are bursting with cosy cafes brimming with a laid-back attitude. Offering a steamy cup of espresso while you tuck into a mouth-watering breakfast of soft goats’ cheese and organic eggs. A perfect way to warm yourself up on those early mornings with a good book or great company. Afterwards, you can enjoy a stroll along the green streets, while ducking into the nearby local stores on your way through.

  • Browse the Boutiques

    Paddington is the symbol of Sydney fashion, with designer shops, to pop-ups, and to lastly small and unique boutiques. You don’t even need to be remotely fashionable when shopping here, as everything you pick up will be hit. Make sure to put on your walking shoes before heading out on this adventure, because you are likely not able to stop after the first glimpse of the stylish shops.

  • Feel hip at the groovy restaurants/bars

    Whether you are after a craft beer or a hearty lunch, the stylish restaurants and bars of Paddington are sure to satisfy you. These spots aren’t just tourist spots, with the locals swarming the area for a drink or two. The interior of each restaurant is a sight in itself, with stylish seating options, beer gardens, and even an occasional balcony with a great view of the entire suburb. Visit either during the day for a sunny lunch experience or visit after sunset for a delicious dinner and drinks.

  • Shop ‘til you drop at the Markets

    The Paddington Markets have been a city gem since the late 1800s. With more than 100 different stalls bursting with clothes, food, crafts, and more! The local community prides themselves on offering unique and stylish goodies for the tourist (or Sydney person) to enjoy! Spend your morning filling your bags with the goodies on offer!

  • Learn Sydney’s History at Victoria Barracks Melbourne

    It is an architectural and historically significant building, known as one of the most impressive 19th-century government buildings in all of Victoria. Here visitors can learn about past wars of the Australian people, seeing historic artifacts along the way.

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