What to See and Do at Kings Cross, Sydney

Located to the east of Sydney City’s Central Business District, Kings Cross promises visitors a riot of colour and culture. Known locally as ‘The Cross’, it doubles up as Sydney’s red-light district, with a lengthy history in music, performance, and theatre.

After World War II, the area was heavily influenced by the returning troops who were heading back from the Garden Island naval base. Today, Kings Cross offers a host of activities and attractions, including lively bars, restaurants, clubs, and cafes. As well as offering cultural attractions during the day, the area bursts into life at night, bringing a whole other side of the city to visitors.

Things to See in Kings Cross

While you’re in the area, there are a number of attractions you can see and a number of things to do.

El Alamein Fountain

This fountain sits pretty at the entrance to the Fitzroy Gardens. It was erected to commemorate soldiers who died during the battles in El Alamein, Egypt in 1942. Designed and built by architect Robert Woodward, it boasts a dandelion structure which has gone on to be the base for many other fountain statues around the world.

The Fire Station

At the point where Darlinghurst Road and Victoria Street meet, you’ll find the Fire Station, an impressive piece of architecture designed by Walter Liberty Vernon. It was built back in 1920 and continues to show off the Federation Free Style.

Kings Cross Railway Station

This popular underground railway station is one of the most used in Australia. It brings together tracks that span the entirety of Sydney and further afield.

The Les Girls Building

Now known more popularly as the Empire Hotel, this building stands on the edge of Darlinghurst Road and Roslyn Street in the very heart of Kings Cross. Up until 1993, the building housed the world-famous Les Girls drag queen show. Afterwards, it became the home of alternative cabaret, including the incredibly popular Sunday nightclub The Tender Trap. Today, it boasts an incredible design, retaining many of its 1960s features to give guests a trip down memory lane.

If you’re looking to explore the quirky side of Sydney, Kings Cross is the place to go. Along with its plethora of international restaurants, lively bars, and nightclubs, it boasts some exceptional pieces of architecture that hark back to the city’s vibrant and rich history and showcase another side to the area.

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