Milsons Point, Sydney City

Milsons Point, New South Wales 2061

Milson’s Point in Sydney City is one of the most iconic parts of town.

Milsons Point, Sydney

It’s located on the lower North Shore of Sydney and, as well as hosting some recognisable scenes (like the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge), it’s also a geographical feature that sprawls out into the harbour. The great thing about Milsons Point is that it’s only 3 kilometres away from the CBD and has some heritage-listed attractions that are perfect for the family to explore It’s named after James Milson, who was one of the very first settlers in the city and was known to have a profitable business supplying incoming ships with dairy and freshwater. Today it’s home to a number of great things to do.

Things to do & see at Milsons Point

  • Luna Park

    Luna Park is perhaps the most recognisable attraction in Milson’s Point (not to mention one of the most distinguishable sights in the whole of Sydney). In 2010, Luna Park is registered onto the Sydney heritage list since many Australians felt as though the amusement park was an iconic part of their childhood and should be saved for future generations to enjoy. Featuring a huge, garish face at its opening that was designed by Art Barton, it opens out into a theme park filled with fun rides, colourful stalls, and plenty of places to grab a bite to eat. It was opened in 1935, and has since grown into the go-to place for families and kids in Sydney. If you’re interested in the history of the amusement park, why not take Luna Park’s historical tour that will give you a behind the scenes look at the artwork that has been contributed to the park, as well as some lesser-known facts! After this, you‘ll get to experience an iconic Luna Park attraction; a ride on the carousel.

    It’s not all about the rides, though. From Luna Park, you can look out across the harbour for some spectacular views of Sydney, and the ferry ride over from Circular Quay takes in some great city scenes, too.

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge

    Milsons Point

    Aside from the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge is probably the most iconic sight in the city, casting a unique silhouette against the skyline. This steel arched bridge is easily recognisable by international tourists and has become an iconic representative attraction of not only Sydney but the entire country. The bridge opened to much success in 1932 and is listed on the National Heritage list, boasting the title of being the world’s tallest steel arch bridge.

    The best part is that the bridge itself is open to pedestrians, who can stroll along its length and marvel at the incredible views of the harbour and city life beyond it. For the more adventurous travellers, there’s the chance to scale the summit of the bridge, where you actually climb the archway to get panoramic views of the city. You’ll get to climb a whopping 134 metres and listen to stories from your guide about the culture and history of this iconic Australian landmark. This can be done in the day time, to enjoy the sun glistening on the water, or at dusk, as the city lights up at night time. From the top, you are party to unrivalled views of the Sydney Opera House and the Central Business District.

  • The Pylon Lookout

    At this lookout which can be reached from north of Milsons Point you will find a display with information about how the bridge was constructed. This lookout is open everyday except Christmas and features 200 stairs that showcase 360-degree views of the cityscape. The lookout has origins that date back to 1934 when it first impressed visitors with its panoramic outlook.

  • Wendy’s Secret Garden

    This not so secret garden began in 1992 after Wendy Whiteley’s husband artist Brett Whitelely passed away. Wendy was grief stricken and, in an attempt to work through her feelings, began uprooting the greenery in a small patch of land. When no one stopped her, she continued to work on her garden and it’s now become a solace for others who come to relax and be alone with their thoughts. This garden is located in Lavender Bay and can be reached via Milsons Point station. At the garden you’ll find native plants and flowers planted there by Wendy and her team, along with artefacts of sculptures placed in the garden. There are tables and seats for you to sit and contemplate, or else’s there plenty more for you to explore. To see more of iconic Australian artist Brett Whiteley’s painting, head to the NSW Art Gallery.

  • Lavender Bay to Milsons Point Circuit Walk

    This scenic walk is short but definitely sweet! Some highlights you’ll pass is Wendy’s Secret Garden, Luna Park and the North Sydney Olympic Pool. The entire circuit is about 2.5 kilometres and will take around an hour to complete. It’s graded as an easy walk, starting and finishing at Milsons Point train station.

  • North Sydney Olympic Pool

    This Olympic swimming pool was opened to the public in 1936 and features art deco design. In 1938 the location hosted events from the Empire Games, a competition much like that of the Commonwealth Games today. Nowadays, members of the general public use the facilities which gives them access to pools, gym and a sauna.

  • Have a picnic

    Because of its suburban atmosphere, Milson’s Point is home to lots of green spaces that are perfect for kicking back and relaxing in with a picnic. All around the base of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, there are patches of grass to enjoy the views from, or you can head to Bradfield Park which literally sits under the bridge. From here, you can soak up the Australian sun and while away the hours watching the world go by.

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