A Guide to the Snow Season in New South Wales

A Guide to the Snow Season in New South Wales

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/30/2024

Reading time: 3 mins

Did you know you can enjoy the snow season near Sydney?

Just because certain parts of New South Wales don’t get very cold during the winter, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the snow season. In fact, it’s very easy to enjoy the snow season in New South Wales. 

When is the snow season?

The ski hills in New South Wales will typically open in June and stay open until October. If you’re seeking prime powder days, the best time to ski is in July and August. Regardless of which month you decide to visit, there is plenty to enjoy during the snow season.

Where to enjoy the snow

There are four main places to enjoy the snow in New South Wales. Some of these locations include Perisher, Charlotte Pass and Selwyn Snow Resort. However, one of the best is the Thredbo Ski Resort.

About Thredbo Ski Resort

If you ski or snowboard, there are plenty of experiences to enjoy. One of the main features is Australia’s longest ski run. You can also  test out your skills at the terrain park, trying everything from jumps and rails.

There is also an alpine coaster to check out. It’s open year-round and has a 1.5 kilometre track to cruise along. This thrilling ride will take you uphill, downhill, through tunnels, under bridges and more.

When you’re not playing in the snow, there are plenty of other things to enjoy. From shopping to dining, there are heaps of options. Whether you’re craving coffee, a pint or a tasty meal, Thredbo Ski Resort has it all.

Join a Thredbo snow tour

The journey from Sydney to Thredbo takes about five hours each way by car. Save yourself the driving hassle and let us handle that for you. Join this Thredbo snow tour, which operates from June to September every Friday.

The tour departs at 11:20pm from Sydney and drives through the night to bring you to the mountain at 7:30am the following day. Don’t worry, you’ll be seated in comfortable reclining seats that allow you to get some sleep before arriving at the mountain!

We will stop for a morning tea and enjoy the sunrise before continuing on to the resort. Once you have arrived at the mountain, you will have 7.5 hours to explore the mountain landscape.  Here, you can hire ski and snowboard gear then head up the mountain on the express chairlift.

Ski, shop, eat and repeat to your heart’s desire until you have to get back on the bus. Around 3:30pm we will depart from the resort and make our way back to the city. We’ll break up the drive with a stop for dinner before continuing on. After a day full of fun in the snow, you’ll arrive back in Sydney around 9:50pm.

Grab your snow gear and get ready for an exciting snow season in New South Wales!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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