Hangout in Kings Cross, Sydney: A Trendy, Bohemian Hotspot

Hangout in Kings Cross, Sydney: A Trendy, Bohemian Hotspot

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/27/2015

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Back in the day, Kings Cross was a bohemian hotspot at the turn of the 20th Century and was famed for its opera houses and elaborate theatres.

It was a hub for creatives, with an influx of writers, artists, and journalists calling the area home. Then in the 60s it hit a downward spiral and became known for its crime groups and strip clubs. Today it’s emerging out the other side, offering visitors an eclectic selection of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, as well as a number of strip clubs still dotted around.

In recent years, property developers have noticed the potential of the area, buying into the up-and-coming area and proposing refurbishments of the historic buildings and shifting the character of the area into one that’s trendy, modern, and popular with tourists and locals. It’s also now one of the most densely populated parts of Australia, cramming in a number of affluent professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives into a small, vibrant space.

Points of Interest Around Kings Cross

  • El Alamein Fountain

    Situated at the start of the Fitzroy Gardens, the fountain was installed as a memorial for soldiers who died in World War II. It features the world-famous dandelion design, which was the brainchild of architect Robert Woodward who conceptualised the fountain back in 1961.

  • Kings Cross Railway Station

    The railway station is a popular point of interest, lying underground on the Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra lines. It’s the first thing most tourists see when visiting the area and has become a bit of a treasure in the area.

  • Les Girls

    Also called the Empire Hotel, this impressive piece of architecture was once the backdrop of the Les Girls drag queen show which was one of the most legendary shows of its kind in Sydney and across the rest of Australia. It still boasts a grand 1960s design and is the home of cabaret shows as well as a selection of well-loved nightclub.

  • The Victoria Room

    An impressive interior featuring sprinkles of gold and crystal that emanates the grandeur of the British Raj complete with high tea on the weekends.

  • Piano Room

    Hidden beneath the famous Coca Cola sign, the Piano Room is a stylish hangout popular with the younger crowd.

  • Libertine

    A Parisian style up-market cocktail bar and restaurant that serves up a delicious menu of Asian food.

  • James Dorahy Project Space

    One of the most frequented smaller galleries in Kings Cross that showcases work by Australia’s best emerging artists.

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