How do I spend a day in Port Stephens?

How do I spend a day in Port Stephens?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/19/2022

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Port Stephens is the perfect place to escape the buzzing city. It truly is a paradise!

Located only 2.5 hours out of the Sydney CBD, Port Stephens is a perfect day trip to explore what the Central Coast has to offer! Port Stephens is perfect for a carefree lifestyle trip. From the massive sand dunes to walks along the coast on the beautiful beaches, there is plenty to do in Port Stephens.

Dolphin cruise

There are over 160 bottlenose dolphins swimming around near Port Stephens. They often make an appearance in the waters at Nelson Bay. Most travellers who come to Port Stephens join a dolphin watching cruise. It is a unique experience, and you can hopefully spot a pod of dolphins swimming by the boat.

Whale watching

If you visit mid-May through to November, you can do a cruise to watch humpback whales. During this time whales migrate to the warmer waters near Nelson Bay. There are about 40,000 going by and you may see them roll around and leap out of the water. On this cruise you can even spot some dolphins swimming near the whales.

4WD- and sandboarding over Anna Bay dunes

Anna Bay dunes are the largest costal dunes in the Southern Hemisphere. Some of the dunes are over 30-metres high! You can jump in a 4WD and explore the dunes while on your way to Tin City. You can use a quad bike to explore the area. Or if you prefer, jump on a sandboard and surf down these massive sand dunes. or. All these tours are a fun way to see the sand dunes.

Camel and horse riding

It might not be exactly what you expect to be doing while in Port Stephens, but riding a camel or horse is a fun way to explore the area. There is a camel trail going along Birubi Beach which leads into the sand dunes. The horse trails go through the bush before ending up on the beach. Then you’ll go along the sand towards the sand dunes. It is best to do these experiences at sunset for the extra special atmosphere and to view the sunset on the beach.

Tomaree National Park

Tomaree National Park has the Tomaree Head Summit Walk. This walk is only two kilometres but it’s a bit challenging and takes about two hours to complete. When you reach the top of this walk, you’ll get a view of the coastline, Cabbage Tree, and Boondelbah Islands. It’s perfect to have your well-deserved lunch at the lookout to enjoy your view. The national park also offers the Fort Tomaree Walk, near Tomaree Head Summit. The Fort Tomaree Walk will take you to see the World War II gun emplacements. They were built in 1941 and used in Australia during World War II.

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