Is Nelson Bay worth visiting?

Is Nelson Bay worth visiting?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/25/2022

Reading time: 3 mins

Nelson Bay – as part of the greater Port Stephens region – is one of the ultimate New South Wales adventure destinations. With plenty of incredible activities on land and sea, there is nowhere quite like Nelson Bay for getting amongst nature in some truly unforgettable ways!

So, what is it that makes Nelson Bay so worth the visit? And why do adventure-junkies love nothing more than getting down to this vibrant coastal town?

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Tomaree National Park

Tomaree National Park is unique as the only place in all of NSW where you can see rhyodacite cid volcanic rock outcrops – it’s a truly magnificent sight. Not only this, but the national park has plenty of tranquil scenic walks that lead up to spectacular whale watching spots, with the world famous humpback whale migration cruising past the bay from June to November!

Finally, the national park is also home to some pretty beautiful beaches, being the perfect stop to take a break, refresh yourself and even have a cheeky picnic on the gorgeous shoreline…

Stockton Sand Dunes

The Stockton Sand Dunes are impressive – 4200 hectares impressive, with giant peaks of endless sand covering an expansive part of the coastline. What makes the dunes even more exciting is the myriad of unforgettable activities that take place on its sunkissed grounds.

The sand dunes are a 4WDers paradise, providing the ideal terrain to take the rig around for some serious adventure driving. Next up, tobogganing, with the dunes being the perfect place to jump on a board and let it take you flying down the mighty dunes.

The dunes are also part of the Worimi Conservation Lands, and the Worimi people offer incredible experiences in which you can learn about their history on the land as well as their rich cultural history.

Dolphin cruises

People often worry about going on dolphin cruises, afraid that they might not be able to spot some of these awesome creatures zipping around the sea. Thankfully, Moonshadow – TQC Cruises has a 99 per cent dolphin spotting success rate!

These awesome cruises truly offer one of Australia’s best opportunities of seeing these intelligent, charismatic creatures in their element, with cruises operating every day except Christmas.

So, as you can see, Nelson Bay is totally worth visiting. It is an adventure-lover’s dreamland that is full of exciting activities to keep you going for absolute days…


Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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