Newtown Festival in Sydney

Newtown Festival in Sydney

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/03/2014

Reading time: 3 mins

Enjoy the endless food stalls, live bands, and sunny days during the month of November!

Sydney is a bright and vibrant city spilling over with class, culture and a healthy dose of community spirit, all of which are captured in the Newtown Festival. Held on the 8th of November, the flagship event has been hailed the most important happening of the year and is based in the fresh-faced and fast-paced neighbourhood of Newtown. Over eighty thousand visitors rock up to enjoy this free festival filled with local arts, live entertainment, plenty of music, food, and fun. Celebrating cultural significance and creativity at the same time as raising funds for the local Newtown community centre, the Newtown Festival captures the very essence of community spirit.

  • Culture and Community

    There is certainly something for everyone at the annual Newtown Festival, music lovers will adore he live stages showcasing the best in local and national big bands and solo acts. At the writers tent budding authors and poets can gain recognition through readings and performances and children can run wild and blend play and learning in the colourful kids zone. Learn all about sustainable living and how to reduce your carbon footprint at the popular Eco Oasis and bring down your four-legged furry friends for the dog show.

  • Food Stalls and Sales

    Emptying your pockets is certainly tempting at the Newtown Festival, as you will find an endless amount of garage sales, chic and trendy stalls. and a ton of food stalls. The fashion stores everything from handmade t-shirts to vintage 60s dresses and more. Sip a glass of chardonnay with a little informal wine tasting and meander the stalls breathing in the scent of delicious home-baked and organic goodies to tempt your palate. We recommend leaving both your belly and bags empty before visiting this festival, as we guarantee they’ll be filled up quickly!

  • Live Music to Keep you Moving

    In the past the lively federation stage has hosted such greats as Whitlams, Hermitude, Sarah Blasko and Blue King Brown. This year Deep Sea Arcade, Tigertown and the Donny Benet Show Band will take to the stage to deliver exceptional performances to keep the crowds moving. Aside from the three main stages you will find plenty of offbeat buskers and entertainers roaming the festival.

  • Graffiti Art to Delight and Inspire

    Art lovers will adore the art hub in which three incredibly creative artists – Phibs, Peque and Unique, will perform live paintings throughout the day. This is a rare chance to see inside the process of an artist’s mind and you can see the renowned individuals famous for their graffiti art painting alongside each other.

The Newtown Festival is truly an impressive feat of creativity that involves the whole community. Art, food, crafts and music all come together to delight and inspire and to show the world what one small community can change and achieve when they work together to support the place they call home.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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