The Best Brunch Spots in Sydney

The Best Brunch Spots in Sydney

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/14/2020

Reading time: 3 mins

Get the perfect dining experience for some great food, views, and atmosphere!

The art of “brunching” itself is a rite of passage throughout the world, with Australia becoming a top contester. Sydney especially loves a good brunch, serving poached eggs to sweet pancakes along with mimosas and glorious views. Due to the popularity, there is an endless list of brunch spots about the city, as Sydneysiders are suckers for a good mid-morning foodie session. Check out our top spots to visit to satisfy your sweet or savoury appetite.

  • Three Blue Ducks

    The Three Blue Ducks have a big reputation within Sydney, known for dishing out some the city’s best brunch foods around. From corn fritters served with guacamole to jalapeño poached eggs and fermented cabbage, the menu is bursting with unique and wonderful delights. The cocktail menu is just as delicious, with the lychee mimosa being the biggest seller in brunch time!

  • Platform 82

    This brunch spot is great for those with a big stomach, as the café has become a sensation with their towering brunch platters. Overloaded with both a delicious savoury section of eggs, bacon, halloumi, and spinach, along with the sweet pancakes with ice-cream to finish up-leaving no craving unsatisfied! Make sure to book ahead of the day, however, as there is usually a line out the door, especially during the weekends.

  • The Grounds Of Alexandria

    This former pie factory boasts brick walls, a colourful garden, and even a couple of farm animals. Offering homestyle food and speciality to its guests, this brunch experience offers both food and delightful atmosphere. Charming even the fussiest visitor with breakfast dishes that are everchanging depending on the season.

  • Blackwood Pantry

    Try a unique style of breakfast at this Turkish style café. Offering Turkish poached eggs with yoghurt, paprika, and the sweet potato instead of the typical bacon and hash browns.

  • The Boathouse

    For a beach lover’s dream, North Shore’s Boathouse is perfect. Featuring a rustic-chic setting that is inspired by the Palm Beach, Shelly Beach and Balmoral locations. There are both indoor and outdoor dining options, for a truly epic brunch experience amidst the sunshine and salty air.

  • Flower Child

    For a truly beautiful brunch spot, try out the popular Flower Child. Set amidst a greenhouse-style space, with lush vine wrapping around the ceiling and walls, with colourful flowers blooming throughout. The cafes aim is to bring the beauty of the outdoors in, giving visitors a feel as if they are amidst a forest land while they wine and dine on the delicious menu. The hefty helpings of the meals will keep you satisfied until dinner.

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