Things to do on North Steyne Beach

Things to do on North Steyne Beach

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/24/2016

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Frolic the shallow shores, plunge into the surf, or stroll down the beach at North Steyne

North Steyne Beach can be found in the centre of popular Manly Beach in Sydney city. This stretch of sand is one of the best-known in Australia, and it offers incredible views along with shallow waters. Here, you can splash about in the waves, take a leisurely swim along the coast, and hang out in the glorious sunshine.

The beach itself stretches from South Steyne to Queenscliff at the northern end of the beach, and it is easily reached from the promenade and The Corso. From Manly, it is just a 5-minute walk to North Steyne Beach and, from there, you can venture 15-20 minutes on to Shelly Beach or take a 2-minute stroll along to Queenscliff Beach.

North Steyne Beach is popular because of its great selection of facilities for all the family. As well as picnic benches and electric barbecues that are available for visitors to use, there is a kids’ playground, grassy areas to kick back and relax on, and plenty of showers and toilets. When you get peckish, there is a kiosk selling snacks and a restaurant to refuel in.

Things to do on North Steyne Beach

There are lots to do on this beautiful stretch of sand, so go ahead and make a day of it.

  • Get Your Surf On

    Surfing is hugely popular along this stretch of beach, and you can try your hand at the water sport here, whether you’re an absolute beginner or a pro. There are a number of surf schools that are dotted around this part of the beach, so you can hire boards and take lessons, or just head out into the waves and see how you get on.

  • Beach Volleyball

    Nearby, there are beach volleyball courts that prove to be popular, particularly in the summer months. Grab some friends and challenge them to a competition!

  • Stroll down the Shore

    There is no better way to see all that the beach has to offer than by discovering it on foot! Ditch your shoes and head down the soft sand, stopping to see shells littering the shore, wildlife  hidden in the nearby bush, or to simply marvel at the scenic landscape of the beach.

  • Kick Back in a Café

    All around North Steyne Beach there are cute cafes and delicious restaurants to check out, many of which offer spectacular views across the coastal scenery. The restaurants serve everything from traditional Australian dishes to fusion cuisine and modern, international recipes.

  • Relax on the Beach

    The sands at North Steyne Beach were made for relaxing! Great swathes of golden beach sand stretch out within the region, offering you an ideal spot for anyone looking to kick back and relax with a book or with a cold, refreshing drink in hand.

  • Fishing

    When the crowds are low enough, fishing is allowed in certain spots. There are numerous gutters and rock pools found in the deep rocky waters of North Steyne, letting you catch your dinner for the night. Even if you don’t choose to fish the seas, you can merely discover the incredible wildlife in North Steyne Beach.

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