What are the best outdoor dining spots in Sydney?

What are the best outdoor dining spots in Sydney?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/14/2020

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Soak up the sun while you refuel from a day of sightseeing!

There is something about eating outside that makes your meal taste even better, and Sydney’s sunny atmosphere is the perfect backdrop for an outdoor dining spot! But where does one start? Sydney is home to countless outdoor restaurants, offering both delicious food and jaw-dropping views! Take a look at our top spots to visit during your Sydney adventure!

  • The Boathouse Palm Beach

    One of Sydney’s main highlights is its sparkling harbour amidst the skyscrapers and iconic landmarks of the famous city. Sitting alongside the waterfront offers guests spectacular views of the city, so what better place to dine then by the waterside? The Boathouse Palm Beach offers a quintessential taste of Australia, nestled along the city’s nearby Palm Beach! Enjoy this luxurious restaurant for mouth-watering dishes and epic beach views, perfect for your relaxing holiday!

  • The Newport

    If you are a bit outside of Sydney, this waterfront location is a perfect dining option. Guests can enjoy a hearty meal in this open-air restaurant, held on a huge deck that is surrounded by lush bushland. The restaurant offers both dinner and just drinks, with even your dogs welcome on this alfresco spot!

  • The Bucket List Bondi

    What better way to finish a day at the beach than by refuelling on a delicious meal and refreshing drinks? The Bucket List Bondi features a sprawling outdoor area, with multiple bars and a DJ booth. Folk can either enjoy a nice afternoon meal amidst the relaxing sunny vibe or even stay back during the sunset for a boogie.

  • Spice Alley

    Tucked away in the lane of Kensington Street is the popular Spice Alley. Found between chic cafes and trendy bars, this restaurant is one of the best places for Asian cuisine. Serving fusion style Japanese, Malaysian and Singaporean dishes. The restaurant spills out onto the street, with a lantern canopy to light up the entire space.

  • The Winery

    Set in a fairy light garden, this is a wine lover’s dream! Offering over 30 different types of wine, guests can sip until they get silly while soaking up the outdoor atmosphere. Folk can choose to simply enjoy the wine or order a range of nibbles and platters that go perfectly with your wine of choice!

  • Hugos Manly

    Get down to Manly Wharf and enjoy the region’s best outdoor dining experience. It is within Sydney’s most scenic waterfront regions, offering delightful views that pair with the contemporary Italian cuisine on offer. The establishment is also famous for its delicious and stunning cocktails, with even a couple winning awards. So, head down and book a seat that hangs over the waterfront.

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