What is Port Stephens known for?

What is Port Stephens known for?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/31/2021

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Port Stephens is one of New South Wales’ ultimate adventure towns, with absolutely heaps of fun to be had on land and in the water. This super chilled locale, situated just outside of Newcastle, is revered for its coastline as well as the incredible Tomaree Mountain that overlooks all its glory!

So, what exactly is Port Stephens known for? And what makes it a truly awesome place to enjoy a bit of fun on the sand and under the sea?

Let’s find out below:


Port Stephens holds the title of having the largest sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere, making it a pretty outrageously good place for a spot of sandboarding.

Seriously, who needs Thredbo when you have these sun-soaked dunes? All you have to do is strap yourself onto the board and glide down for one of the ultimate adrenaline-pumping adventures in NSW!

Quad biking

Looking to enjoy those massive dunes with something a little more… revved up? Then Port Stephens quad biking adventures are perfect for you. This awesome adventure is not only a heap of fun but it also teaches you all about the local Indigenous heritage in the area, making it a thrill-seeking activity combined with a little wholesome education!

Snorkelling & scuba diving

The Port Stephens Great Lakes Marine Park is one of Australia’s best snorkel and scuba diving spots, period. This awesome marine park boasts numerous dive sites that are perfect for both newcomers and seasoned pros.

The marine park is home to amazing species of coral, fish, jellyfish, turtles, remnants, sponges and more, making it one of the ultimate diving experiences in a country that is already pretty famous for its reef systems…

Tomaree Mountain walk

Did we mention that Port Stephens is impressively beautiful? Like, seriously stunning, with Tomaree Mountain offering expansive views across this incredible part of NSW.

All you have to do is ascend to the top (around 20 minutes) and you will come across some of the most wondrous views in the whole of Oz.

Trust us – it’s worth the cheeky hike up there…

Chilling at the beach

After all, you’re in a beach town, and you should be able to relax! Port Stephens and the surrounding locales aren’t short of gorgeous beaches, so pack your towel and some sunscreen and sit yourself down for an afternoon of seriously chillin’.

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