Why was Shark Island called Shark Island?

Why was Shark Island called Shark Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/21/2022

Reading time: 3 mins

Shark Island is one of Sydney’s charming and secluded spots to spend an afternoon. This attraction may not be as famous as the Harbour Bridge or Opera House, but it boasts gorgeous views and a wonderfully tranquil place to lay out a rug and have a picnic!

And, don’t be frightened by the name, Shark Island only receives this fearsome name as its outline resembles that of a shark, and not because its waters are infested with some of the ocean’s most fearsome beasts.

Therefore, you don’t have to be afraid to chuck on your togs and head out for a post-picnic dip (you don’t actually have to wait 30 minutes, contrary to popular belief).

Shark Island is one of Sydney’s ultimate spots to picnic, explore the vibrant foreshore and take a refreshing dip, and is perfect to experience alongside these legendary Sydney adventures:

The Sydney Opera House

There is no structure in the world quite like the Sydney Opera House, and despite global attempts to create extraordinary unique buildings this century we still believe it is one of the world’s most captivating architectural feats.

Not only is the Sydney Opera House one of the most outstanding buildings to gaze upon, it is also an Aussie arts icon, with hundreds of performances taking place within its hallowed halls and theatres throughout the year.

This makes for the perfect location to see an unforgettable show or partake in an Opera House tour, where you will learn all about the building’s history and the tantalising tales and intrigues that haunt its rooms…

Harbour Bridge climb

Sydney is a remarkably beautiful city – there can be no denying it. And one of the very best ways to marvel upon this remarkably beautiful city is via the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge climb.

Not only is the Harbour Bridge one of the most stunning in its respected category, but it is also the perfect place to test your mettle, ascend to the top and gaze out upon gorgeous Sydney Harbour!

Bondi Beach

Because no trip to Sydney is complete without heading to Bondi. One of the world’s most famous beaches earns that reputation because it is full of laid-back charm and good vibes that encapsulate Sydney’s beach culture.

Find a spot on the sand, take a dip and allow sunny Sydney to provide you with those ultimate vacay feels.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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