What to See and Do in Hyde Park, Sydney

Hyde Park is the oldest park in Australia and one of the top attractions in Sydney City. Spanning more than 16 hectares of lush greenery and picturesque scenes, it offers respite from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Impromptu picnics are the name of the game here, while the walking paths offer pretty trails around trees, benches, and a collection of natural sights.

The park itself is split into north and south sections by Park Street which runs directly through the middle. Each section offers something a little different for visitors, but both are equally as alluring.

It was named after the famous Hyde Park in London, and was originally used for all sorts of sporting endeavours, from cricket and rugby to football and horse racing. Today, the park still hosts sporting events, but on a much more relaxed, and casual level.

Hyde Park in October

Trees and Greenery

There are hundreds of huge, leafy trees dotted around Hyde Park, offering ample shady space for picnics and respite from the warm sun. In total, there are around 580 mature trees, both exotic and native in variety, including the historic central avenue of Hill’s Figs. These trees line the central pedestrian avenue, adding a lush backdrop to the scene.

Monuments and Art

In Hyde Park north, you’ll find plenty of monuments standing guard. The Archibald Fountain is perhaps the most prolific, having been donated as a gift by JF Archibald. It’s easy to spot, thanks to its ancient mythological statue of Apollo surrounded by horses, tortoises, and dolphins.

Elsewhere, there are the Sandringham and Nagoya Gardens, which are filled with public art works, impressive monuments, and water features.

Historic Encounters

History buffs will enjoy a trip to Hyde Park, particularly the southern part of it. Here, you’ll find the Anzac Memorial and the Pool of Reflection, both of which commemorate important aspects of Hyde Park Sydney.

Festivals and Fun

As well as monuments and natural beauty, the park also offers year-round fun. Special events take place in the park throughout the year, including the Sydney Food and Wine Fair, and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander celebration. In addition, there are numerous pop-up events that appear in every season, from whimsical markets and live performances, to parades and theatrical shows. Many events that are part of the renowned Sydney Festival take place here, too, providing you with tonnes to see and do whenever you decide to visit.

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