See Dolphins

See Dolphins in Port Stephens

Port Stephens is one of Australia’s most idyllic seaside towns, with a gorgeous shoreline, stunning headlands, endless sand dunes and abundant wildlife just the beginning of an amazing adventure!

Whether you’re sand boarding the giant expanses of Anna Bay, climbing high to the unforgettable Gan Gan Lookout, snorkelling at the mesmerising Nelson Bay or learning to surf amongst the perfect waves, Port Stephens is a miraculous little part of the country with a whole lot of adventure to offer.

One of the greatest experiences you can have in Port Stephens is dolphin-watching, whether from a cruise’s comfort or swimming amongst them! Port Stephens is famed for its dolphin population, with numbers roughly around the 140 mark, and these dolphins love nothing more than congregating around the waters just off town.

Dolphin cruises and swimming experiences operate daily, providing you with one of the world’s best opportunities to see these incredible sea creatures in person.

You can also climb up to the town’s headlands for a chance to spot them from afar, but we suggest you do yourself an absolute favour and partake in one of these two unforgettable experiences!

You should do so alongside these other fabulous Port Stephens adventures:


The Stockton Sand Dunes are the largest coastal sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere, so no prizes for guessing the uber fun activities that take place on its massive slopes.

Both sand boarding and quad biking are on the sand dunes itinerary, with both experiences providing a seriously exhilarating way to enjoy Port Stephens and its stunning surroundings!

Whale watching

Seen the dolphins and now want to spy something a little bigger? Well, from May to November is the time of the year that you can hop aboard a different cruise, the kind that will take you to see the incredible annual humpback whale migration.

Humpback whales migrate north from the colder Antarctic waters over a period of mid-year months, ensuring you will have ample opportunity to spot some of these majestic sea mammals as they cruise gracefully to the warmer waters up north.

Learn to surf

Of course, any great Aussie sea town is going to have some pretty awesome surf, too, and Port Stephens boasts the kind that is perfect for learning this awesome craft.

Join experienced teachers as they show you the ropes of this addictive sport, learning how to stand up and take the awesome waves in no time!

Other activity: