Are there kangaroos in Sydney?

Are there kangaroos in Sydney?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/06/2022

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Sydney has one of the most iconic city skylines,    with the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Sydney is known for a lot of things, but its kangaroo population certainly isn’t one of them! Kangaroos like peace, tranquillity and wide open spaces, which aren’t found anywhere within an hour of Sydney Harbour.

If a kangaroo was seen hopping around any major city in Australia, it would become newsworthy quick! So your chances of seeing one in the wild through Sydney’s CBD are very slim. You will have to travel out of the city into less populated areas to have a better chance of seeing one in the wild.

Though if you’re hoping to see a kangaroo, here are some wildlife parks and zoos to see them at, along with other Aussie and international animals. It’s best to use online maps (Apple or Google Maps) to help navigate your way to the zoos.

Sydney Zoo

Sydney Zoo has over 4000 animals to see from Aussie and international wildlife and endangered species. There are events and experiences that can take place here, including getting up and close to some of the animals!

The kangaroos at Sydney Zoo are from Kangaroo Island! These kangaroos are the most placid type and are slower moving, since they don’t have predators unlike mainland kangaroos.

You can get to Sydney Zoo via the T1 train – get off at Blacktown Station and then get on the 723, 724 or 729 bus. This route can take between an hour and 10 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes (from Central Station) or a 40 minute drive.

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Featherdale Wildlife Park has Aussie wildlife like cassowaries, kangaroos, wombats, quokkas and much more. Experience meeting some animals like the little penguins, koalas, and feed kangaroos, wallabies, and pademelons.

To reach Featherdale, you can go on the T1 train and get off at Blacktown to switch onto a 726, 729 or 756 bus. Typically, the route will take just over an hour from Central Station, or it is a 40 minute drive.

Taronga Zoo

Not too far from Sydney is Taronga Zoo, a great way to spend a few hours to see kangaroos and other animals! Just a ferry from Circular Quay and a short bus ride, you’ll be at the zoo within 25 minutes!

There are hundreds of animals to see, including Aussie favourites and other regional wildlife. You can see the red kangaroos, koalas, and dingoes, to meerkats, western lowland gorillas, and sun bears.

But, hey, kangaroos aren’t everything when visiting Sydney. There are many other amazing experiences waiting for you!

Sydney Opera House

There is no other structure in the world quite like the Sydney Opera House, and it’s almost guaranteed you’ll visit it during your Sydney trip. It is easily one of Australia’s most incredible human-made buildings! This incredible art center has a series of wave-life wings that make it instantly recognisable all across the world.

The Opera House is a fabulous experience with tours of the backstage area making a visit truly worthwhile. The tours take you beyond the curtain to learn about the intriguing things that occur there, and have occured in the past.

Royal Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanic Garden is one of Australia’s finest and oldest living scientific institutions. The Gardens have plenty of stunning native and international flora within the individual gardens.

You can spend an hour or two exploring the Gardens, or just laze around the area if you prefer.

The Art Gallery of NSW

The Art Gallery of NSW has plenty of exhibitions showcasing local and international artists. There are tours and experiences available to book to get the best out of your time at the gallery. Or you can explore the exhibits on your own and check out any limited exhibits.

To get the best out of your Sydney trip, consider booking an essential Sydney tour package! The package includes a trip to the Blue Mountains, a Sydney Harbour ferry, and visiting the Opera House!

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