Are there kangaroos in Sydney?

Sydney is Australia’s ultra travel town, complete with the abundant awe and wonder that any world city should entail. From the amazing Opera House to the mesmerising Harbour Bridge, the sublime beaches and gorgeous gardens, Sydney is truly a place where you can invigorate your senses and enjoy some fine city living!

One thing Sydney isn’t known for is its abundant kangaroo population, the same of which applies to any major Aussie conurbation. After all, kangaroos like peace, tranquillity and wide open spaces, the likes of which can’t be found anywhere within an hour of Sydney Harbour.

It’s well known to Aussies that a kangaroo entering any major city is apparently a newsworthy event, so you won’t find any roos hopping about until you start to get to less populated parts of town!

But, hey, kangaroos aren’t everything when visiting Sydney – nor are they really on the agenda to begin with – especially when you have these amazing experiences awaiting you within town:

The Sydney Opera House

There is no other structure in the world quite like the Sydney Opera House – easily Australia’s most incredible human-made building! This incredible architectural feat comprises a series of wave-life wings that make it instantly recognisable all across the world.

And whilst seeing the Opera House is a fabulous experience in itself, it’s the tours of the centre’s backstage area that make a visit there truly worthwhile. With tours taking you beyond the curtain to learn about the exciting and intriguing goings on that occur there now and in the past, a visit to this stunning masterpiece is a must-do when visiting grand old Sydney town!

The Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is one of Australia’s finest and with ease. The gardens are a lush testament to all things beautiful and Australian, with plenty of stunning native flora and amazing scientific experiences to enjoy in the gardens.

Or, of course, you could just laze around there if you like – it’s really that superb…

The Art Gallery of NSW

The Art Gallery of NSW has plenty of wondrous exhibitions that showcase the best of local and international artists. At any time of the year you can get down to either its Domain location or the Brett Whiteley Studio to find truly vibrant masterpieces from some of the world’s best artists…


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