Enjoy the Sparkling Sydney 2020

Enjoy the Sparkling Sydney 2020

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/06/2020

Reading time: 3 mins

See the sparkle of both the harbour and the many bubbly drinks on offer!

A festival like no other, the Sparkling Sydney is truly a wonderous experience to enjoy during your visit to this bustling city. This festival is nestled right along the harbour of Sydney, offering an extravagant day jam-packed with gourmet food and fizzy fun! Blending the epic Sydney sights with endless offerings of delicious treats!

About the Festival

Bringing together the best chefs, wineries and breweries, your spoilt for choice at this event. Each element has been selected to match the theme of ‘sparkling’, offering a cohesive sensory experience to all who visit. It is a free event held within the Pirrama Park on the 24th of May, running from 11 am to just before sunset.

What you can enjoy here

  • Sparkling Wine

    There are more than 60 sparkling wines to sample during your time at the festival. From classic whites to sparkling reds, to even a few sweet dessert wines to choose from, that will have your palette revelling. If you are after a full day of wine tasting, why not select the many wine tasting packages. Which offer you the ultimate wine menu with tasting tickets for a range of the wine stalls.

  • Craft Ales and Cider

    If you’re not much of a sparkling wine enthusiast, why not try out the many ales and ciders on offer instead? New South Wales’ greatest breweries spend the day trying to sway visitors to the brews and ciders on offer, from dark brews to sweet ciders all matching perfectly with the gourmet food presented.

  • Gourmet Food

    There are plenty of top-notch eats to match the boozy drinks here! From freshly shucked oysters to hand-made pasta, each cuisine matches the sparkling wines and beers perfectly. Folk can fill their plates and bellies with endless servings of savoury and sweet treats, before washing it all down with their sparkling of choice!

  • Local Produce

    Take a bit of the festival home with you as you fill your bags with a range of delicious goodies. There will a range of cheeses, meats, spreads, and more available, all from award-winning farms and produce shops in and around Sydney!

  • The Scenery

    One of the greatest features of this festival isn’t just the goodies on offer, but the stunning scenery! Held right along the harbour, the festival showcases the stunning sapphire harbour along with the iconic sights of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Giving you the ultimate boozy day amidst the city’s greatest sights!

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