Why you should visit the Art Gallery of NSW?

Why you should visit the Art Gallery of NSW?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/01/2018

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Get inspired by the endless beauty found in Sydney’s glorious Art Gallery!

Calling all lovers of beauty to the Art Gallery of NSW. This five-story art museum building is bursting with incredible pieces, with every nook and cranny filled. A short walk from the city centre, the gallery has a range of permeant and ever-changing collections, with a range of events and programs. Spark your creative side as you stroll through this beautiful building’s halls, seeing an array of sculptures, paintings, and photographs.

History of the Art Gallery of NSW

The beginnings of the Art gallery began in the 1800s. Melbourne, Sydney’s arch-rival, opened their art gallery in 1861, which caused dismay for competitive Sydneysiders. This sparked the beginnings of government funding to re-invest in resources such as art. The group named ‘Academy of Art’ was established to promote the fine arts and lead to founding the gallery in 1871.


The permanent collection of art is an experience and inspiration, full of an array of different styles. Artworks with origins from Aboriginal, Asia, Pacific, and European. With a large range of mediums such as paintings, photography, sculptural, and installations. This well laid out gallery brings together this assortment of styles beautifully. Meshing together a modern aboriginal Australian artwork, with a famous Picasso piece uniquely. And a bonus to these collections, the permanent assortments are free!


Educate yourself on the wonders of art, with the gallery’s classes for children, teachers, and anyone else interested in learning. Begin this art adventure as you try a beginner class, join a competition, or wander through the gallery on the interpreted guide. The classes and experiences aim to stimulate your curiosity, allowing people to plunge into the world of art without much prior experience. Learning about the different styles and meanings behind each piece.


One of the main draws to this popular art museum is its schedule of productions. A place to enjoy lectures, films, music, and a number of other performances. Simply look up the gallery’s program schedule and engage in on the entertainment of education programs.

What’s On in the Art Gallery of NSW?

This Gallery appeals to not only tourists but Sydney locals! With fascinating, interactive, and unique events and exhibitions ever-changing. Right now, the Gallery is hosting a range of different events. ‘FOMart’ is all throughout September and encourages young people to embrace art with collaborative workshops, public talks with artists, as well as performances by young musicians. Multiple collections of art are being displayed for a limited time. Including John Russell’s impressionist paintings, as well as Brett Whiteley’s pathways to figurations. Regardless of when you visit this art gallery, it’s guaranteed to have at least one exhibition you will find fascinating!

Open your mind to this visually thought-provoking attraction on your journey to Sydney. Whether you’re an art newbie, a long-time art enthusiast or just stopping through, the Art Gallery is for you.

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