Sydney Autumn Racing Carnival

Sydney Autumn Racing Carnival

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/05/2015

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Get the racing fever as all eyes are trackside during Sydney’s Autumn Racing Carnival!

Empty your bank account and fill your pockets to you get ready for Sydney Autumn Racing Carnival. Held every year for six weeks between the end of February to April, this horse-racing event brings in the creme de le creme from both Australian and beyond to this racing celebration. With a massive collection of races and bets lined up, it is listed as one of the wealthiest events in all of Australia.

The event is put on by the Australian Turf Club, which is comprised of four places; The Royal Randwick, Rosehill Gardens, Canterbury Racing Park, and Warwick Farm. At each of these grounds Canterbury have sponsored races throughout the six weeks. The carnival is also home to many events, parties, and luncheons centred around the racing world. Book a ladies luncheon, party in a private suite, or take a guided tour of one of the grounds, the options are there for you to enjoy the carnival that much more.

These races ooze money, style, and class, with sydneysiders going all out with this event. Majority of the big races like the Championship races are booked out well in advance, and cost a pretty penny. But don’t fret, there are plenty of options to catch some hair-bending horse-racing that won’t break the bank. The main horse races are towards the end of the carnival, with one of the most entertaining events being the Schweppes Stakes Day. This race involves themed parties, entertainment, and the first mile race for the two-year-old horses. It’s one of the most popular events on at Canterbury the Sydney Autumn Racing Carnival, and a great finale to the six weeks of racing.  If you can only catch one race, make it the Championships Day Longines Queen Elizabeth Stakes Day. With the winning purse at 4 million, the stakes are high for this race.

If horse racing isn’t up your alley, it’s not all about racing, as fashion, food, and non-racing entertainment all play a part! Guests come to this event to see not just the horses, but the latest trends and fashion, purchasing the most stylish outfit for the occasion. Fashion is so big they have their own competitions held every year, with the winner for best dressed taking home over $100,000 in prizes! Women are judged on creativity with traditional racing couture, style, grooming, attention to detail, understanding current trends, and shoes. It’s a cutthroat competition, but the lady who wins, wins it all. There is also a men’s competition which is less favoured as they do not have the versatility that women do with their outfits. Food can vary depending on the ticket you purchase, from average choices to premium gourmet platters available. Letting you dig into the delicious options while washing it down with a glass of sparkling wine or a frosty beer.

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