How do you get to Stockton Sand Dunes?

How do you get to Stockton Sand Dunes?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/17/2022

Reading time: 2 mins

Australia is famous for its majestic landscapes, one of which is the Stockton Bight Sand Dunes. Covering a whopping 32km in the Worimi Conservation Lands, this ever-undulating sandscape is as impressive to gaze upon as it is to explore!

From 4WDing to sandboarding, Indigenous heritage to camelback rides, the Stockton Sand Dunes are a delight for anyone looking to experience Australia in its grandest form.

Getting to the Stockton Sand Dunes depends on your itinerary, as different points of access are more suitable for different activities.

If you are walking the sand dunes:

Drive your car to the entry point at Gan Gan Road at Anna Bay, before making your way on foot to the right when facing the ocean.

If you are 4WDing/motorbiking/quad biking:

First things first, you do require a permit for any of the above activities when visiting the sand dunes. These can be found at the Port Stephens Visitor Information Centre or at a variety of services stations in the area.

Next, take either Lavis Lane at Williamtown or Gan Gan Road at Anna Bay for access.

If you are going with a tour:

Naturally, your tour guides will be able to provide you with all the info you need regarding where to meet and how you will enter the park!

Activities in the sand dunes

The Stockton Bight Sand Dunes offer a variety of unforgettable adventures, including:


Probably the most famous Stockton Sand Dunes activity, passionate 4WDers will tell you that this is one of Australia’s ultimate spots to hit up the dunes in a quality rig.


Sandboarding is one of the most exciting ways to experience the sand dunes. Why? Because who doesn’t want to go whizzing down those awesome dunes on the sandy equivalent of a snowboard?!

Quad biking

Another super fun way to experience the dunes, quad biking takes you on an all-out safari of this wonderful land, allowing you to take in all its beauty and glory as you zoom around on the marvellous dunes…


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