How far are the Anna Bay Sand Dunes from Sydney?

How far are the Anna Bay Sand Dunes from Sydney?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/15/2024

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Escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney and enjoy an adventurous day at the Anna Bay sand dunes.

Experience a day out on the Anna Bay sand dunes, the largest coastal dunes in the Southern Hemisphere! Stretched across 32 kilometres in Worimi Conservation Lands, the sand dunes are a couple hours’ drive from Sydney!

You can take on the largest sand dunes and have an adventurous day out while also checking out the stunning scenery in the area.

Getting to Anna Bay from Sydney

Luckily for you, there are a few ways if you’re in Sydney to get to Anna Bay.

If you’re planning on driving it is about a two and a half hour drive north of Sydney. Public transport is another option but is lengthier with the journey being about four hours. The best way to get there is the train to Newcastle then a bus.

Another option available is a tour! The Port Stephens tour gives you the option in your free time to head out to see the sand dunes and take on sandboarding and other adventures while there!

Things to do at the sand dunes

The highlight of Anna Bay is the sand dunes but there is so much adventure to have here.

  • Sandboarding or sand surfing

Experience reaching heights over 30 minutes and the slopes being up to 60 degrees! You can sit down or stand up while going down the magnificent sand dunes. Without a doubt, the one thing you must do while at the sand dunes is to try out sandboarding or sand surfing.

  • Quad biking

Take on quad biking and go across the dunes then out to the beach and even the wilderness. Quad biking is thrilling and full of adventure and well worth doing while here!

  • Camel or horse riding

For something a bit more relaxing are the camel and horse ridings. The horses walk you through the bush and the camels will take you across the dunes and along the beach at sunset.

What to do in Anna Bay

Aside from having an adventure on the iconic sand dunes, here are other things to do in Anna Bay.

  • Surfing

Anna Bay provides a great surfing spot for those who are intermediate or advanced in surfing. The area isn’t often crowded so you’ll get a less busy area and the best swells!

  • Fishing

Anna Bay has some of the best fishing opportunities in the area from the waterways to the beaches. There are heaps of different fish you can catch here from snapper, bream, and whiting to name a few.

  • Champagne Spa

Over in Port Stephens are the Champagne Spas. These spas, also known as rock pools, have beautiful turquoise water and is a peaceful swimming spot. The spa is about two metres long and is deep enough even at low tide. You may even be lucky and spot some dolphins swimming in the ocean.

Most people enjoy spending around three days in Port Stephens to see the Anna Bay dunes and other areas by the coastline. You can also do the trip in one day and go sandboarding or quad biking along the dunes or have a peaceful evening travelling on a horse and camel.


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