How to spend the ultimate day at Sydney’s Bondi

How to spend the ultimate day at Sydney’s Bondi

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/01/2019

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From city to beach in seconds, wack on some sunscreen and venture to the splendidly soft sands at Bondi Beach.

Known as the country’s most iconic beach, it has made appearances in films, tv shows, and books. Drawing in both locals and tourists, the beach lets you surf, swim, snorkel, or simply sunbake your day away.

  • Surf the Waves

    Bondi Beach is one of the most iconic beaches in the entire country. So, jumping into its shores is always great for bragging rights for back home. Known for its killer surf, one of the best activates is to ride the waves with the local surfers. Whether if it’s with a surfboard, boogie board, or body surfing, whizzing through these pristine waters is well worth the effort.

  • Sunbake in the Sand

    Not much of a swimmer? Sit back and relax in the smooth sand that lines the coast. Littered with both locals and tourists making the most of that summer sun. Build a sandcastle with the kids, discover the rock pools nearby, or get that holiday tan your friends will be jealous of.

  • Paddle in the Pool

    Not much of a beachgoer? If you love the ocean views but dislike the rough waves and sticky sand, Bondi Baths is for you. Nestled right along the Bondi Beach, this large pool saltwater pool is filled by the crashing waves hitting its walls. Despite being filled up by the waves, this pool lacks the rough currents the ocean possesses and is perfect for a calming swim amidst the clear, sapphire waters. Access to the pool is free, letting you cool off from Sydney’s heat or sunbake in the nearby lounge chairs.

  • Enjoy some lunch

    After spending the morning amongst the sand and sea, refuel for the rest of the day at Icebergs Dining Room and Bar. This exceptional restaurant offers you a delicious meal to go with the stunning ocean view. With elegant blue seats that match the sea and sky outside, Icebergs is famous for a seafood dish and a delicious wine to go with it.

  • Shop around Bondi Beach

    Sick of sweating in the sun? Get out of the heat for the afternoon and head of Bondi‘s best shops around. With boutique shops such as Tuchuzy, you can pick up some truly unique and local apparel. Or head to Bondi Wash, where you grab some beach style fragrance, and naturally made products to help your skin glow.

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