What are 10 interesting facts about Sydney?

What are 10 interesting facts about Sydney?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/03/2023

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Sydney has beaches, great food, and iconic attractions.

When you’re in Sydney, there is so much to do and see. The city itself is fascinating, so let’s get into some interesting facts about Sydney!

1. Sydney Opera House

Everyone recognises Sydney for the famous Sydney Opera House. Jorn Utzon designed the Opera House after winning a competition the government sponsored. The Opera House is a venue used for many events and is based on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour. Every day people come down to view the Sydney Opera House!

2. Sydney has one of the longest bridges

Very close to the Sydney Opera House, you’ll find the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Harbour Bridge is one of the world’s longest steel arch bridges. You can climb the bridge which can take about two hours. When you reach the top, you get a beautiful view of the ocean, the Sydney Opera House, and the city.

3. The oldest house in Sydney

Cadmans Cottage is one of Sydney’s oldest buildings. The house was built in 1816 and is in The Rocks which is right in the city.

4. Sydney has a lot of beaches

There are over 100 beaches in Sydney. Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most popular beaches which is also Sydney’s largest beach and is the closest to the city.

Manly Beach held the world’s first surfing content in 1964! Now Manly Beach is full of surfers and people relaxing on the sand or walking along the beach.

5. People love visiting Sydney

Sydney has the most visitors every year in Australia. It makes sense, as it has so much to offer! It has the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge right in the city, a famous beach and fun cafes, restaurants and bars.

6. The Blue Mountains are blue

The Blue Mountains is home to the Three Sisters, Jamison Valley, and waterfalls such as Wenthworth Falls. The Blue Mountains can look blue due to the eucalyptus forest. The Eucalyptus oil mixed with dust and water vapour creates a blue colour from the light. It’s truly stunning. When you’re there, make sure to go to Scenic World to get a better look at the area!

7. Sydney is a popular filming location

Some well known films and TV shows were filmed in Sydney. One of Australia’s soap operas, Home & Away and The Matrix movies. Even Bondi Beach is on tv, called Bondi Rescue, where the lifeguards keep an excellent eye on the beachgoers.

8. The largest natural harbour

Sydney Harbour is the biggest natural harbour in the world, being almost 20 kilometres long! Sydney Harbour is also home to the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

9. One of Australia’s most popular wine regions

The Hunter Valley is one of the most popular wine regions in Australia! You’ll be able to try and buy some of the best Semillon wine in the Hunter Valley. Make sure you do a Hunter Valley winery tour when you’re in the area.

10. Australia’s oldest park

Hyde Park is one of Australia’s oldest and most famous parks. The park was established in 1810. Just imagine how many people have had picnics here. And we still love to do this.

With all these interesting facts about Sydney, no doubt you’ll want to come to visit! We recommend visiting for about five days if you can. This gives you the chance to see Sydney and the outer city locations like the Blue Mountains.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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