What to do in port Stephens during the summer

What to do in port Stephens during the summer

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/19/2019

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Enjoy all of what Port Stephens has to offer with our list of summer activities!

Set only a few hours from Sydney, Port Stephens is the perfect place to escape from the busy crowds of the city. Summertime holds a special wonder in Port Stephen, with clear blue skies and stunning greenery covering the region. Take a day or weekend away from Sydney and spend your time in the wonderful wilderness that is Port Stephens. Take a look at our top picks of worth-while attractions to cool off from the hot heat!

  • Relax at Nelson Bay

    It is a picture-perfect spot that every traveller has dreamed of! With crystal clear waters, an abundance of marine wildlife, and unforgettable summer activities. Being the main town in Port Stephens, it acts as a base point for the entire region, the starting point to a snorkelling, wildlife, and sand dune tours. Travellers can enjoy a day with endless summer activities, heading back to the coastal town for a mouth-watering seafood dinner alongside the wharf.

  • Get Sandy at Anna Bay Dunes

    They are the largest moving sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere, reaching truly awe-inspiring heights of over 30 metres with slopes of up to 60 degrees. The sand dunes create a majestic landscape, with quad biking, sand boarding, and camel rides all available during the summertime. Churn up the sand as you speed along the dunes for the day with quad biking, with this exhilarating adventure going from desert sand from bush to beach. If you are a surfer at heart, why not trade in the ocean waves for sand ones instead? Soaring down the slopes on your belly, bum, or even feet. If you prefer slowing down and appreciating the sights, hop on a camel for a ride around the dunes. Making friends with your animal conveyance as you marvel at the stunning scenery of the desert region.

  • See the Dolphins

    Although there are an array of marine animals found in Port Stephen’s waters, the Bottlenose Dolphins are by far the favourites. With around 90 to 120 dolphins living permanently in the waters, they are apart of the community here, even having their own names to the locals. Visitors can see this community of by hopping on a cruise, with the professional guides tell you all about each and every dolphin you see. Otherwise you can simple hang about the docks and shoreline, spotting the pods roam past in the shallow waters.

  • Take a Hike

    Tackle your way up the hour-long journey up Tomaree Headland near Shoal Bay! Set only five minutes from Nelson Bay, it is a perfect place to get away from the crowds and enjoy the pure bliss of the wilderness. Once you’ve reached the summit, panoramic views greet you, featuring the Port Stephens coastline and north coast. If you aren’t out of breath yet, you can even enjoy another short walk is to the deserted Wreck Beach, letting you enjoy the pristine waters all to yourself!

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