Where to see the bottlenose dolphins at Port Stephens

Port Stephens is a complete gem within Australia! The massive natural harbour spans about 24 kilometres, with a captivating colour palette of white sand, lush greenery, and bright blue skies and seas. The land is unspoilt, with a swarm of native animals covering the region. One animal in particularly which brings a heard of visitors annually is the Bottlenose Dolphin.

Bottlenose Dolphins

  • Their Appearance

    A Bottlenose dolphin is small a marine mammal that is within the group labelled ‘toothed’ whales. Their name comes from their short and rounded snout, which resembles a bottle like a shape. Besides this difference, their appearance is pretty unoriginal to other dolphin breeds, with the typical grey-blue colour and sleek fins and tail. The average size of a bottlenose dolphin is around 3 to 4 metres long, with males commonly being on the larger size.

  • Their Behaviour

    These dolphins are very social creatures, living in 2 to 15 size pods that change throughout their lifespan. Their communities are “fission-fusion” societies, which means they merge off or split within the same collection several times per day. With some large groups being mixed-sex groups, and subgroups separating the sexes. These groups can all depend on the type of dolphin, with groups of mothers and their new calves, juvenile dolphins, and adult males. Typically, the deeper the dolphins home habitat is the larger the groups become, so the Port Stephens coastal families are on the smaller size of the scale. Their day-to-day lives involves hunting, socializing, travelling, and resting, with feeding being the main activity.

Port Stephen’s Dolphins

There are around 90 to 120 bottlenose dolphins live in Port Stephens waters, living permanently in this region. They are apart from the community here, even having their own names and renowned personalities that all the locals know. The rocky headlands and long stretches of beach provide a perfect place to spot them swimming nearby, offering guests an enchanting experience. If you want to get the close hop on a cruise to see these guys swim alongside the boat, with the professional guides telling you all about each and every dolphin featured.

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