Where can I go for a day trip to Sydney?

Where can I go for a day trip to Sydney?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/09/2020

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Sydney’s inner city is home to endless fun, with shining skyscrapers, delightful cafes and restaurants, and plenty of pop up events.

However, what lies beyond the city centre, for a full day of outdoor adventuring? See our list for the top day trip escapades you can enjoy during your visit to the beloved Sydney!

  • Blue Mountains

    Only a couple hours drive from the bustling city of Sydney lies a stunning sprawl of mountains covered with thick bushland. The impressive landscape features an array of fantastic natural wonders, with ancient gorges, mysterious cave systems, unique wildlife, and wonderous watering holes. Head deep within and discover a truly unique world of bush and mountaintops, seeing the entire landscape surrounding it from the best lookout spots around! Nestled within the mountaintops lies the Scenic World, a state-of-the-art viewing venue, with walkways, cableways, railways, and skyways. Letting you see the Blue Mountains from all angles!

  • Port Stephens

    For an exceptional beach day, Port Stephens is the way to go! Letting you escape from the busy crowds of the city and stroll down the soft sands of the region’s coastline. Featuring clear blue skies, stunning greenery, and plenty of beach spots to choose from, you can spend your day however you like depending on your tastes. With adrenaline-inducing adventures such as quad biking along the beach or relaxing camel rides over the sand dunes, there is something for everyone in this picturesque region!

  • Hunter Valley

    Climb aboard a luxury bus and sit back as you enjoy your day hopping from one winery to the next! Hunter Valley is famous for its world winning wine, with each winery and restaurant serving award-winning cuisines and wines that match perfectly! Being one of Australia’s oldest winemaking regions, there are some big-name brands here, as well as a few boutiques stops unheard of from most. The stylish setting and the lush greenery make for a perfect backdrop as you sip away on reds, whites, and sparkling wine while learning about the unique and fascinating history of the land.

  • Mermaid Pools

    For an unforgettable water adventure, head to the outer region’s enchanting Mermaid Pools. Named for its magic like atmosphere, the pools sparkle a brilliant blue, surrounded by the thick greenery of the Australian bush, this tranquil series of pools and springs are truly a worthwhile spot to visit. Fed by rivers from the Tahmoor Gorge, the water is refreshing and everchanging, flowing through the large pools and trickles of creeks. Navigate through the steep rocky platforms and steps to get to this wonderland, and don’t forget to bring your bathers!

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