How far is Port Stephens from Sydney?

How far is Port Stephens from Sydney?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/27/2021

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Port Stephens is a cool two and a half hour drive north of Sydney.

Port Stephens Sand Dunes

When you arrive at Port Stephens, you will be immediately astounded by its natural beauty. It is a most awe-inspiring part of Australia, with a picturesque harbour and gorgeous Marine Park, steep sand dunes and rugged national park.

For anyone making the trek north of Sydney (or south of Brissy), Port Stephens is certainly worth a few day visit. Here is exactly why this big harbour is doing even bigger things for Aussie travel.

  • Do the dunes

    Port Stephens plays host to the largest shifting sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere, and the scenery is truly astounding! Reaching up to 50 metres high, thrillseekers from across the world love heading out to the rugged Anna Bay dunes for a spot of 4WDing or sandboarding. It is a truly incredible, unique experience, and one that always leaves you wanting another such adventure.

  • Spot the dolphins

    Port Stephens is home to a colony of some 150 playful bottlenose dolphins who duck and weave around this stunning marine park. There are numerous ways you can go about spotting these friendly creatures, including from land, boat and, for the more adventurous, boom nets attached to the boats.

  • And some whales…

    The months of June to October witness a spectacular event in Port Stephens’ waters: the annual migration of thousands of Humpback and Minke whales. This is one of nature’s truly amazing events, and visitors revel in the sheer majesty and wonder of these inspiring mammals.

  • Snorkel at Fly Point

    Port Stephens, if you haven’t already guessed, is a marine wonderland. The beautifully turquoise waters not only provide a safe haven for bottlenoses, Humpbacks and Minkes, but also a large number of vibrant fish species, coral and nudibranchs. The great thing about Fly Point is that it’s suitable for divers and snorkellers of all ages, and there is always something in those gorgeous waters to be amazed by.

  • Head up to Gan Gan lookout

    After a day’s seafaring one of the best ways to take in Port Stephens all the way down to Newcastle is from Gan Gan lookout, a 160-metre high viewing platform that provides incredible views of the surrounding region. It is wonderful at sunset, with the whole area becoming blanketed in wondrous red, orange and yellow hues.

Port Stephens truly is an amazing place for all travellers to visit. With amazing sea life and incredible views, there is little reason why you would want to pass up on an opportunity to stop off at this amazing little harbour!

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