What do locals do in Sydney?

What do locals do in Sydney?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/26/2021

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Sydney, Australia’s most remarkable city, is a melting pot where locals and keen travellers enjoy stunning beaches, gorgeous weather and plenty of incredible scenery throughout town!

Visit Sydney

Sure, tourists may come to this stunning town eager to catch a glimpse of the Opera House before heading out to Bondi, but what do Sydneysiders like to do with their leisure time?

Well, given that Sydney is a place with so much happening in and right outside of town, they certainly aren’t spoiled for fun things to do…

They head to the beach, any beach – they’re all pretty amazing!

Sorry Perth, we know your beaches are super fine, and Adelaide, you’re doing well despite your smaller geographical boundaries, but Sydney really does take the crown when it comes to the Australian city with the most pristine beaches.

Sure, Bondi might be the packed by locals and travellers alike choice, but Sydney is lucky enough to be situated on a massive, stunning stretch of coastline that boasts countless windswept shorelines the likes of which can’t be seen elsewhere in Oz!

There are just so many to choose from, with the likes of the secluded Milk Beach, Whale Beach, Kutti Beach all providing paradisiacal swim spots that the locals love to head to for a refreshing dip.

Head out of town

One of the things that makes Sydney such a fabulous city is its uber-close proximity to the Blue Mountains, one of the true gems of Australian travel! The Blue Mountains are full of natural wonder that can’t be experienced elsewhere, with the likes of the incredible Three Sisters and Katoomba Falls providing spectacular natural landmarks for weary Sydneysiders to enjoy in the fresh air.

One of the best ways to enjoy the Blue Mountains, however, is to grab yourself a ticket to Scenic World, home to some of the country’s most thrilling natural rides! There are scenic railways and skyways to hop aboard, each providing adrenaline-pumping views of the surrounding forest and valley below – it’s truly a magnificent way to see the Blue Mountains!

Chill out in the Gardens

The Royal Botanic Garden is truly one of Australia’s most beautifully kept parks, and there is no better way to enjoy it than by packing your picnic basket and heading down there on one of Sydney’s innumerable sunny afternoons. It’s the perfect way to relax like a local…

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